Garments for today's liturgical dancer
Welcome to Dancing Before The Lord Liturgical Dancewear. 

We are delighted to be your source for liturgical dance garments.

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We Know Dance Ministries Have Many Different Groups Within The Ministry.
Now You Can Choose Matching Garments For Each Group Or Member.  
That Way Everyone Is The Same, But Different!
Here's How.

Step 1. Choose a Collection

Step 2. Choose A Sleeve Style

Step 3. Choose A Skirt Style

Step 4. Choose A Color
(see each Collection's list)

Our new breathtaking and vibrant dance wear is designed for today's liturgical dancer.
We always have dance ministries in mind when designing our line. 
Our fabrics and inspiring colors will enhance your dance as you minister before the Lord.
Please enjoy this one of a kind shopping experience.
Rely on Dancing Before The Lord Liturgical Dancewear for all of your dance ministry needs.

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Garments will be added soon. 

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